April 1998 Newsletter

Issue #26 April 1998

Taking it to the Streets!

This month, April 1998, PALE ALES will depart from the usual Monday night meeting format to reach out to the Princeton community for recognition and new members. Saturday, April 25, from 12-4pm (rain date is April 26), PALE ALES members will be on hand for Princeton’s Communiversity Day. This is an annual event where shop keepers, restaurateurs and various other organizations set up on the streets and sidewalks of Princeton
Borough to make their presence in the community known. We have obtained a space in which to set up a table for literature, ingredients and a small homebrewing demonstration. We hope to have many homebrews on hand (for discrete sampling for members only) and a good turn-out. If you want to be involved, contact Roland Pena, President via e-mail: Roland_Pena@ml.com

Big Brew ’98

While on my annual ski trip to Colorado last month, I happened to stop in at the American Homebrewers Association National (or is that World) headquarters. Jim Parker, AHA Director was out of the country, but Brian Rezac, AHA Administrator, was in and willing to give the nickel tour. I also got a chance to sit down with him and Amahl Turczyn to talk about current events in homebrewing. I found them both to be quite accessible and a pleasure to be with even during their hectic schedule. One of the topics we discussed was the May 2, 1998, National Homebrew Day, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I was given a pre-release copy of the press release detailing the planned brew-off including recipes, guidelines and starting times. There has never been an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records but with this upcoming anniversary, the folks at the AHA decided it was time. As part of this commemoration, PALE ALES will gather our troops to Brew the “Big 10/20” Barley Wine, a recipe formulated by Rob Moline, based Little Apple Brewing Company’s “Big 12” Barley wine, the 1996 Great American Beer Festival Gold medal winning Barley Wine. Rules and recipe are too lengthy for this forum, but for further details, contact Joe Bair at Princeton Homebrew. (609) 252-1800. Some highlights include a ceremonial starting time of 2:00 p.m. Eastern, identical recipes, officially registered brew site (Princeton Homebrew at the new location), on-line data collection for official result tabulation, and great fellowship with other brewers.

Some added features:

* For all grain brewers, we will track efficiency of individual mash/lauter tuns.
* Hold brewing workshops for the all- grain curious. The registration deadline in April 24, 1998, so let us know if you are interested in brewing at Joe’s. There is an all grain and extract recipe.

Topic suggestions:

The executive committee is interested in hearing your suggestions for future speakers or topics. If you know of someone or something that pertains to brewing, let us hear about it so we can get to work.


AHA Nationals Deadline: May 4 – 16

Heads up everybody! Your entries for this year’s AHA National homebrew competition should be mailed by the dates listed above.

“Feel your recipe”

At our last meeting on 3/2/98, Pale Ales had the pleasure of hosting Garret Oliver, Head Brewer of Brooklyn Brewing. Although Garret did not bring the scheduled two-year old cask of the heavenly Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, attendants were treated to many free pitchers of the regular Brooklyn Chocolate Stout! Many agreed that Garret was one of our best speakers. In fact, one of our club members even described him as “righteous” — well put! In his gospel on beer, Garret was both witty and serious.

Some highlights: Garret joked about brewers trying to outdo each other in terms of IBU’s in a particular beer, or barrels produced per year, describing these Freudian phenomena as “IBU envy” and “barrel envy,” respectively.Garret also stressed the importance of supporting your local brewery: “I would rather you support your local brewery than buy from Brooklyn.” (You don’t hear that every day!) He also emphasized the importance of sticking to a few styles and do them well, rather than trying to do a lot of different styles. How does Garret come up with his award winning recipes? His Zen-like answer: “Feel the recipe…see a picture of the beer and work
toward that.”
Kevin Traynor

Joe’s Corner

First and foremost, I’d like to personally thank PALE ALES for helping me move. The move went very smooth and the nothing was broken. It was just what I needed. The party afterwards was the best way to celebrate the new location. One of the first things I noticed about the new location is how impossible it is to monitor a front and back door. I feel that most of my customers would enjoy the free parking behind my new location and that door should always be open to customers, unfortunately that means the front door will be locked most of the time. If you ring the doorbell or knock and I can hear it, I’ll be down to open it. If not, please walk around back and call me.

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