August 2000 Newsletter


DATE: Monday, Aug. 28
TIME: 7:30 PM
PLACE: Issac Newton’s, 18 S. State St.
Newtown, PA 18940
PHONE: (215) 860-5100

They were near and dear to hearts and palates, but they’ve since moved on to that great recycling bin in the sky. Yes folks, I’m talking about those beers that we loved so much, but that for one reason or another, the brewery stopped production of.

This meeting will highlight brews that have passed (or are predicted soon to pass) beyond the pale – beers that can only be found now in specialty stores, and are no longer produced at all.

Join us to talk about and celebrate what makes these beers great. To kick things off, will feature a tasting of Rodenbach Alexander, one of three beers made by the Rodenbach brewery in West Flanders. Palm Brewing purchased Rodenbach recently, and it was announced that they would be retiring Rodenbach Alexander and possibly the Grand Cru Rodenbach as well. (Palm recently issued a statement that it does not plan to retire the Grand Cru, but will retire Rodenbach Alexander.

Some of the other world-classic beverages planned for a LIMITED tasting this evening:

· Samichlaus (3 different vintages). A landmark beer – arguably the strongest lager ever made at 14% ABV, this Swiss Santa Claus bit the mistletoe in Dec. 1997. Brewed on Dec. 6th every year, this beer was lagered for a full year before being released.

· A sampling of some Saison styles. (And if you think I’m referring to a type of designer jeans popular in the 70’s, you’re wrong, and REALLY showing your age). Saison, Grisette, or Farmhouse beer is on the endangered species in Belgium, just as Wit beer was before Pierre Celis revived it with Hoegarden. A spicy, earthy, fairly well-bodied beer, Saison would be laid down in the colder months and drunk in the summer. Although this style is supposedly dying out in its country of origin, interestingly enough there are at least three breweries in the tri-state area commercially producing a version of this style (Ommegang, Yards, and Flying Fish)

· Also, there is a slim possibility that we will be tasting some vintages of Thomas Hardy, one of the most famous strong ale/barleywines in the history of the style. Thomas Hardy is NOT being brewed for the first time this year, and there will be no 2000 vintage Hardy – sad but true.

Did I mention that at least two of these extinct beers (Hardy and Rodenbach) are on my top 10 beer list???

Homebrewers are encouraged to bring their own examples of lesser-known and underappreciated styles. It’s not too late for them yet folks, let’s enjoy them while we can!

Wear your black armbands to show your support, as the mood will be somber – but not necessarily sober. On the plus side, you will be enjoying some of the world’s classic beers. On the minus side, you won’t be able to find them too easily!

Hope to see you there.


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