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“Yeah, you can ferment that.”

Fermented Food and Beverage Supply is a homebrew shop in Hammonton, NJ that also sells supplies for a wide range of alternate forms of fermentation, including yogurt, kefir, cheese, kombucha, sourdough, and vegetables. Eric, the owner of the shop, met us at Unos in Hamilton to share some of his knowledge and fermented products. We tasted his fermented string beans, carrots, fermented chili sauce, sourdough, and kombucha. This morning he forwarded me some recipes to share with the club: Spicy Green Beans, Curried CauliflowerGinger Carrots, Hot Sauce, KombuchaSourdough. Eric also shared his cheat sheet for different types of brine:

If you want a deeper dive, you should keep an eye on the store’s calendar where you can sign up for one of their Saturday classes.  Eric was kind enough to setup a special promo code for the club. Use PALEALES (one word) at checkout to knock 10% off your bill. You can keep tabs on Eric and the store on all the socials @FermentedNJ.

Winter Club Update

Greetings Brewers! If you are new to club, you might not realize that PALE ALES takes the month of December off to give everyone a chance to take care of their holiday obligations. But, fear not! The PALE ALES holiday party is on the calendar for January 15, 2018. Details should appear over on the right side under events.

December is also the time of year that I’m obligated to remind folks to renew their dues to the club. If you are a new member that joined after June 2017, you’re good for calendar year 2018 as well. On behalf of the Board, we’d love to see the rest of you click that Join link and renew via PayPal. Of course, analog forms of payment are also accepted.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season! Cheers!

Marc Leckington
President, PALE ALES

Fall 2017 Update

We’ve had a bunch of great meetings and events so far this year. But, hold on to your brewing paddles. We’ve got much more lined up to close out the year. For our October meeting we’re headed back to Spellbound to help them celebrate the winning of a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The club’s ongoing brewing competition has been building steam. This last round may have more than 15 entries. I know a bunch of us are already looking forward to the competition starting all over in 2018. We’re shooting for a November meeting in the 3rd week of the month to do the tasting for the final round. Stay tuned for the date. Meanwhile, keep brewing!

March 17th – Club Competition!

Similar to previous years, we are having our club-only competition this March 17th at Pizzeria Uno in Hamilton NJ at 2 pm!  It also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, but I hope to not see any green beer coming out of any competitor’s bottles…

As is typical, I encourage all to come out for the judging and some fun! If you want to judge, please show up a little early so that we can give some brief instructions.

You must drop off either 2 – 12 oz bottles or 1 22 oz bottle at Princeton Homebrew by March 16th.  Bottles must be labeled with brewer’s name, email address, beer name, and category number.

Like past years, this is NOT a BJCP style event.  There are 5 categories listed below to categorize your beer, and be honest!

Category 1 – Malty beers with a starting gravity below 1.060

Category 2 – Hoppy beers with a starting gravity below 1.060

Category 3 – Malty beers with a starting gravity greater than or equal to 1.060

Category 4 – Hoppy beers with a starting gravity greater than or equal to 1.060

Category 5 – Brett and/or soured beer.  No gravity spec.

Thanks to our sponsors:  Briess, Wyeast, White Labs, Brewer’s Supply Group, Blichmann Engineering

The rules: Must be a paid member of the PALE ALES.  Limit of two entries per brewer.  Must drop off either 2 – 12 oz bottles or 1 22 oz bottle at Princeton Homebrew by March 16th, bottles must be labeled with brewer’s name, email address, beer name, and category number.  There are more rules, but I don’t feel like typing them now…

February Meeting – Triumph

Matt and Brandon of Triumph New Hope had the chance to show us around Triumph New Hope.  The second brewpub built of the three in total, we got a behind-the-scenes look at what makes this location different in terms of operations.  The brewhouse has a great view, but I would guess it gets really hot in there cranking out the 10 barrel batches in the summer sun!  Also they had some interesting stories about overcoming a limited glycol chilling unit, grain and supply elevator fun, and of course shuffling bags of grain!  And of course, there were some nice brews to sample:  a slightly smoked mild on hand pump, a german pilsner that was oh-so clean, and a tasty coffee stout!

A big thanks to Matt and Brandon!

Grain storage
Grain storage
keep it clean
keep it clean
tight brewhouse
tight brewhouse
mash it!
mash it!
Paul tells a story
Paul tells a story
grain mill!
grain mill!
funny story
funny story
Brewer's table
Brewer’s table

December Meeting – Goose Island

Wade Gerhardt, the vintage ale rep from Goose Island, showed off that although the brewery was purchased by AB-Inbev, they aren’t laying eggs.  While many were quick to note they had indeed sold out, Wade also mentioned how it took 9 months for AB-Inbev to get one of the beers correct.  That’s right.  Every week, 400 barrels of beer were dumped until they perfected the outcome.  So much for the idea it’s easy to clone a beer.

The night started off with Sofie, which actually isn’t AB brewed due to the brettanomyces (AB-I refuses to let that in the brewhouse) which is a pleasant farmhouse-y beer, followed by Pepe Nero, an interesting dark ale infused with black pepper that is quite nice.  Next was Matilda, a dry and refreshing amber ale, and Pere Jacques a malty dubbel style ale.  The one that stole the show was Bourbon County Stout.  Aged in bourbon barrels for quite a while, this 14% abv ale had everyone on their toes and tongues sizzling!

A big thanks to Brian from the Firkin Tavern for hosting us!

längste Theke der Welt (The Longest Bar in the World)

Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, the capital city of Düsseldorf lays claim to having the longest bar in the world.  Walking around casually, you see a modern and efficient German city which looks like what you might expect given that much of the city was rebuilt after being bombed quite thoroughly.  But where is such a long bar?  Tucked away in the center of the city, you will find the Altstadt (Old Town) which escaped the ruinous bombings.  Inside the area of roughly one-half square kilometer you will find ~300 bars and five breweries (Füchschen, Schumacher, Schlüssel, Uerige and the newly opened Brauerei Kürzer).  The streets are cobblestone, and the buildings show their age and design with old world charm. The breweries, which are more like brewpubs in that they have full restaurants and bars, all brew a single type of beer:  Altbier, and they are quite proud of it.  Sitting down outside of Füchschen I asked for a beer, which was met with a stern reply of “No pils.  Alt.”  This type of somewhat coarse treatment is not rude, but expected.  Some of the waiters at the other bars were more laid back, while some dialed it up either further!  Served in a 0.25L stange the altbiers of Düsseldorf are refreshing: a somewhat balanced (depending on which brewery you are at, Uerige is quite bitter) amber to brown beer, smoothed by cold lager conditioning, and medium carbonation from a gravity fed (and often wooden) keg.  It was an enjoyable time in a place I had only heard about, and has a distinct beer culture that is unique! 

AHA Dark Lager Competition

Just in case someone is sitting on a couple of bottles of dark lager…


American Homebrewers Association
Hail to Hefeweizen Club-Only Competition Results are In

Who says that Hefeweizen has to be a summer beer style? This third Club-Only Competition saw 60 entries from 29 states competing in BJCP category 15. Thanks to competition organizer Brian Steuerwald and the Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI) club of Indianapolis, IN for hosting the competition.

1st: Mark Beatty, Lincoln, NE, Lincoln Lagers, “Smarter But Not Weizer,” Weizenbock, category 15C

2nd: Aaron Fournier, Montgomeryville, PA, Keystone Hops,”I Don’t Always Drink Weizen, But When I Do, It’s This Dunkel,” Dunkelweizen, category 15B

3rd: Josh Jensen, Los Angeles, CA, Yeastside Brewers, “Hubris Hefeweizen,” Hefeweizen, category 15A

Next Up: Dark Lagers

Short, dark winter days call for delicious dark lagers! Entries for the fourth competition of the 2011-2012 Club-Only Competition year are due February 10, 2012, and judging will be held February 18, 2012. Entry fee is $7 (checks payable to American Homebrewers Association).

Entry Shipping:
c/o Doug Newberry
1215 Burnham Ln.
Batavia, IL 60510

Hosted by the Urban Knaves of Grain (UKG) club of Batavia, IL, this competition covers BJCP category 4.

For more information, contact Doug Newberry.


Time to start brewing for the National Homebrew Competition!

Mid-February 2012: Online Registration

March 19-28: Entry Shipping

March 30-April 22: First Round

May 4: First Round Results

Club-Only Competition Sponsor

Raise money for your club by selling AHA memberships through your club website! Contact Steve Parr for details.

American Homebrewers Association
American Homebrewers Association

The Monster Mash 2: Field of Hops

The historic porter group brew in Piscataway had it all – some 9am Pilsners, a stuck mash, and suspicious neighbors doing slow drivebys all day long! Piscataway had never seen the likes of it. Due to a supply chain issue, the brewing didn’t get started right away (hence the 9am pilsners). But once we got started, there was no stopping. That is, until Ryan’s stuck mash! Luckily, that was only a temporary setback. As you can see from the pictures, it was a small group, but in the end all problems were overcome with good helpings of brew, pulled pork (thanks Chef Ryan!) and some post-brewing hobo juice, also known as applejack, aka apple liquor, aka that stuff that Ben brought. The brews are coming along nicely, Ben Bakelaar just racked his tonight, OG = 1.058, FG = 1.028 for a 3.91% ABV beer according to BeerSmith. Dave Rawlins racked his last weekend and got an FG of 1.024. And so the countdown has begun to Monster Mash 3: Princeton vs. Rutgers…. and we all know how that one turns out!