Dirt to Draft: Revisiting Screamin’ Hill

Screamin’ Hill invited us out to see what they’re up to and drink some morning beers with them a couple of weeks ago. We visited them two years ago when they first opened. But, it was time to taste their latest offerings and hear about their expansion plans.

This dirt to draft brewery is making 80-85% of their ingredients on site. They’re growing 6 different varietals of grain at the family-owned farm where the brewery is located. Growing your own hops and grain on a relatively small scale introduces a whole new set of challenges to the brewing process — namely consistency. Grains and hops are tested by labs, but they find that they still need to make adjustments after the first batch brewed with a new harvest of any ingredient.

Screamin’ Hill is usually open on Saturdays. But, it’s worth checking their FB page before heading out. They sometimes run out of beer and skip a Saturday. On draft, you can find them at the Witherspoon Grill, the A&B in Princeton and at the Blend Bistro in Hamilton.

Thanks, Andrew Klein for the pics!