June 1998 Newsletter

June 1998

Next Meeting Monday, June 15 at 9PM at the A&B

The next mtg. will feature Greg Zaccardi from High Point Brewing. Greg has been a acclaimed by Michael Jackson as the producer of the #1 Dark Wheat Beer in the World and one of the Top Blonde Wheat Beers in the World. He is proudly bringing both to the meeting that starts at 9PM at the place PALE ALES was founded three years ago – The Alchemist and Barrister in Princeton (609) 924-5555. Greg will be accompanied by Uli Maier- a German Brewer who has graduated the Munich Brewers School Brewmaster Program and is proceeding to graduate school at
Weihenstephan or Dortmund to answer technical brewing questions. Greg (an honorary member of PALE ALES) as you remember from last years competition donated a Gnome Stainless Steel Brew Kettle for the Best of Show Winner. And now PALE ALES are grateful that Greg and Uli will be bringing their class brewing talents to our June club mtg.

BIG BREW 98 a PALE ALES was the Deluxe all-grain learning session

So this is what went down (besides Homebrew); Kent procured a 45 gal. SS Hot Liquor tank from Larry Kennedy (brewer at Poor Richards in Philly.) Ed Busch (the man who made Homebrew Legal in New Jersey) brought the water filter. And our friend Dave Powell of Bioriginal Malt in Saskatoon, Canada gave us Organic Malt to use. For Hops it was the Magnums (Avg.Alpha 14%)
recommended by Gerard Lemmens of Morris Hanbury International Hop Merchant, and everyone used there own type of yeast. Starting Gravity was in the 1.078 range and everyone had a healthy fermentation but Kevin who used second runnings. We stared setting up at 9AM and had a slight rain scare around 10AM, but the rest of the day the rain held back till we were done at 9PM. All in all 60 gal. of beer was brewed and probably as much was consumed by the many people who stopped by and wanted to learn about all-grain brewing.

Over to you, Treasurer Al

Well the year is almost half over and ONLY 23 out of our 67 members have paid their 1998 dues! Please see me at the next meeting on June 15 or e-mail me at : anjifelal@erols.com if you are in arrears. [Please note that dues are not necessary to receive the e-mail, nor do we beg at meetings for people to pay up. These are the people that have funded all the events for everyone elses enjoyment and can decide to stop when they feel that others have focused on it is their turn to carry the $24/yr burden].

One item I’d like to put to a vote is the idea of having an “equipment library” where club members can borrow equipment that they may not be able to purchase outright. This would be ideal for perspective all-grainers who may be hesitant about the initial cash outlay for the necessary equipment. Items that I’d envision in the library are things like converted kegs for mashing and sparging, brew kettles, wort chillers, counter pressure fillers , a “pull down” bottle capper, a Cajun cooker and brewing items. A club librarian would be responsible for maintaining records and we’d have to develop equipment check out guidelines. One rule should be that only members whose dues are up to date can check out equipment. (See above paragraph)

We currently have about $1500 in the PALE ALES secret vault. We would like to have State of the Art equipment in the library so the cost initial could well exceed $500. We could add the coolest of gizmos to the library each year.

Since this cost would be over 1/3 of our mighty coffers, I feel the club should vote on it. I’d like to have a discussion of this at our next meeting and then, if there is interest, come back at the July meeting with a final cost. If everybody pays their dues we can afford a library with all the top of the line equipment necessary to make us great brewers. Think of the beer parties! Hopefully with a windfall of dues money, we can have the library in place by the time the fall brewing season begins and I can porpoise through a swimming pool of money.

[pls note: Al also has been very busy with club business like filing our Not-for-Profit Income Tax Return and brewing whenever he gets a chance – and we are lucky to have him as Tres.]

Fullers & Youngs Brewery Report
by Prof. Steve Rowley

This is a much delayed and overdue second installment of articles on London.

While in London last Summer, I had the opportunity to tour both the Fuller’s and Young’s breweries. Both breweries are easily accessible by tube or railway from central London and both will give you good instructions on how to get to the brewery when you call to book your tour.

Fuller’s starts their tour in their training/tasting/museum room. We were given a white coat and a pair of safety glasses to wear and some time to look around. We were then taken into the brewery. Most of Fuller’s beers come from the same mash. The first runnings go for the ESB, and second runnings for London Pride or Chiswick bitters. The runnings from several mashes are blended to ensure consistency.. Hops are primarily traditional ale hops, but I did notice some Saaz that were used for a special beer. The fermentation is carried out in 60 bbl cylindro-conical fermenters (a more recent addition: the older ones were wooden). Batches are split after secondary fermentation for bottling casking or kegging. we ended up back where we started for some tasting.

The Young’s tour was more extensive in the ground that it covered, but much less so in technical detail. I kept asking questions that our marketing oriented guide could not answer. He finally pulled me aside and said he’d find a brewer for me to talk to. I spent a very pleasant 45 minutes with a brewer in a pub drinking his delicious Double Chocolate Stout. Young’s does an open fermentation for primary in both cylinders and squares. The different shaped fermenters impart different characteristics. The yeast will drop more quickly in a square, giving the beer a sweeter flavor and more body. The beer is later blended for consistency. I was surprised that we were allowed to walk right next to the open fermentors with beer in them on the tour. Since Young’s still delivers some beer by horse drawn dray, we were also taken to the stables.

If you go to London and are interested in seeing some breweries, I’d recommend both tours. If nothing else it insures that you’ll be able to drink fresh cask beers, which is the best way to enjoy them.

Communiversity Report
by Judi Cox

PALE ALES took to the streets of Princeton on Sunday, April 25th, at the Annual Communiversity Celebration. Roland Pena, Kent Brehm, Al Boccardo, Rich Koch, Steve Rowley and Dave Albert revealed their Homebrewing talents to the Princeton Community, while they brewed up a batch of Belgian Beer. Roland displayed assorted hops plants for all the horticulturists to admire, and a Pale Ales newsletter was available for all to read.

Hundreds of people passed by the outdoor brewery, being gravitated to the wonderful smell of boiling hops – and a lucky few were able to sample the homebrews the club members brought with them.

BUZZ OFF/Master Championship of Amateur Brewing – MCAB

The BUZZ OFF competition is running 6/27 &6/28 in Downingtown, PA at Victory Brewing Company. BUZZ is a Philadelphia Homebrew Club that had over 50 entries at our competition last year. For info go to WWW.VOICENET.COM/`RPMATTIE/BUZZOFF/.

Joes Corner

Im still moving in…there was a lot more stuff I have to do to get the store the way I want it. Thank you for your patience. Latest Menaces – Dont use liquid soap to clean your brewing equipment, cause it does not wash all the way off and affects head retention. Dont splash your beer if you want to taste the great flavor of the malt and hops. Watch your fermentation temperatures in the summer or youll get a very fruity homebrew. Keep on brewing, early reports show at least 2 firsts, and a couple of seconds and thirds in the AHA National Homebrew Competition First Round, more results on the way soon.


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