March 2000 Newsletter (2)

ISSUE #46 MARCH 2000

PLACE: Susan Paterson Center, Monument Dr., Princeton, NJ

*Charlie will also be Princeton Homebrew from 4-6 PM.

In a little less than a week, Charlie Papazian, homebrew guru and author of the classic “The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing,” is coming to Princeton, NJ.

PALE ALES (Princeton And Local Environs Ale and Lager Enjoyment Society) will be hosting Charlie Papazian for an educational talk on the “Future of Homebrewing,” followed by the Bring Yer Homebrew (BYHB) competition (this is not an AHA/BJCP competition – read on for more info). Both events are open to the public.

As there will be a cap on attendance, attendants should pre-register to reserve a spot by contacting Steve Rowley at, (732) 951-0849. A nominal admission fee of $5 will be charged to cover food, setup and administrative costs.

We at PALE ALES are thrilled to be hosting veteran homebrewer Papazian for what we hope will be a fun and informative evening and hope that you will join us.

The following is a rough schedule:

*4-6 PM – Book signing at Princeton Homebrew
7:00 -8:30 PM – Introductions. Charlie speaks on the topic “The Future of Homebrewing.” Followed by Q&A
8:30 PM – 9:30 PM – Food and Mingling.
9:30 PM on – BYHB (Bring Yer Home Brew) competition explanation and judging, followed by informal discussion.

*Prior to the event, Charlie will sign books at Princeton Homebrew (148 Witherspoon St) from 4-6 PM. Please call (609) 252-1800 or e-mail for more info on that.

If you will be bringing homebrew for the BYHB competition you need to pre-register (see Steve Rowley’s contact info above.) We also encourage club members (whether participating in the BYHB or not) to bring their homebrews – after all it is Papazian, we are hosting.

With regard to food, we have decided to do a pot-luck dinner and are asking each member who attends to bring a dish. We will also provide breads, crudite, etc., but we’d like to have a nice assortment of foods and desserts without spending too much of the club funds, so please volunteer! Dave Albert ( is the food and menu planner for the event if you have any questions about what to bring. Although the facility does have a full kitchen, it does not have a microwave, so please keep that in mind.

Our club designed this competition to respond to our members’ needs for face-to-face feedback and a more informal forum than that provided by traditional competitions. We would like to have as many people participate as feasible (given the number of entries and participants), but may have to limit participation depending on the numbers. The format and rules will be explained prior to the competition. If you want to participate in the competition, you need to pre-register using the info provided below.

Here is the short version of the rules:

1) Each brewer can only bring only one entry. The brewer must be present, as they will introduce and describe their beer to the other evaluators.
2) If you are going to bring a beer, e-mail Joe Bair ( to pre-register. Include the following information: the OG or (how many pounds of fermentables), whether it is hoppy or malty, and if you added anything that would cover up (i.e., if you used any fruit, spices, or unusual yeasts) the fresh taste of the barley andhops.
3) The brewer will be able to pour their own beer and vote. All other brewers will also be allowed to vote. It does not matter what style (if any) the beer is. They will be evaluated on how they compare to the other beers (fresh taste, no off-flavors from fermentation or sanitation problems) Simple evaluation sheets will be handed out, in which evaluators will write what they remember about the beers and when they have sampled all the beer – each evaluator will privately decide which ones will advance.
4) As this is a club competition, if your beer is selected to advance, you must become a member of PALE ALES or forfeit your chance to be in the finals. To become a member, please bring a check made out to PALE ALES for the amount of $24 to the competition.) If you don’t advance, you can try again in the next quarterly competition. All present and past officers of PALE ALES have final authority in settling any dispute, ties or determining if a beer is infected and thus disqualified. Sorry, but no meads, ciders, or wines will be evaluated. Contact Joe Bair for more information on the competition at or (609) 252-1800.

The Susan Paterson Center is located behind Princeton Borough Hall on Monument Drive, at the juncture of Rt. 206 and Nassau St. It is hard to miss, as there is a big stone monument/statue right at the entrance, and the Borough admin offices, police, etc. are located in the center.

Parking at the facility is limited (40-50 spots), so try to carpool if possible. You may need to park in town if parking fills up. Turn right on Nassau St. – park on the street, or in one of the metered, or pay parking lots. (Princeton isn’t that big, and it is only about 2-4 blocks from town to the center.)


1. Take the ALEXANDER RD. exit toward Princeton.
2. When Alexander Rd. ends, make a RIGHT on MERCER ST.
3. In about one minute, Mercer St. ends. Make a LEFT on NASSAU St.
4. In about one minute, you will come to another light. Going straight/bearing left puts you on Stockton St. (Rt. 206 So.). Turning right takes you on Rt. 206 North. BEAR LEFT/STRAIGHT to stay on Stockton St. (Rt. 206 South)
5. Right after you turn, you will see a set of buildings on your right, and a stone monument with a driveway that circles back out onto the road.
6. This driveway is MONUMENT DR. Turn RIGHT into MONUMENT DR. 5. Before Monument starts to curve back out on the road, you will see a parking lot on your right. Park there. Walk to the building behind the police station/municipal building. This is the Susan Paterson Center. (If you can’t find a spot, make a left to go back out on 206/Stockon and turn right on Nassau St. There is parking there.)


1. Take the exit for Rt. 206 NORTH. You will be on that road for about 15 minutes.
2. You will pass Edgerstone Rd., Elm Rd., then Library Pl. At this point, you are about a minute from the junction of Rt. 206 (actually, it is Stockton St. at this point) and Nassau St.
3. You will see a set of buildings on your left, and a stone monument with a driveway that circles back out onto the road directly BEFORE you hit the juncture of 206 and Nassau St. (It’s an “L” intersection, where making a left continues 206, while going straight and slightly right puts you on Nassau St.)
4. This driveway is MONUMENT DR. Turn LEFT into MONUMENT DR.
5. Before Monument starts to curve back out on the road, you will see a parking lot on your right. Park there. Walk to the building behind the police station/municipal building. This is the Susan Paterson Center. (If you can’t find a spot, make a left to go back out on 206/Stockon and turn right on Nassau St. There is parking there.)

Last month’s meeting was held at Tir Na Nog, an Irish pub in Hamilton, NJ. The Guinness rep, Eric, led us thru a tasting of Guinness Stout and Harp Lager, with informative handouts. We discussed the finer points of pouring a Guinness (Tir Na Nog is the premier Guinness bar in our area, and pours Guinness perfectly).

Members also learned how to make a Black & Tan ( a little over half Bass and then pour the Guinness over a spoon and fill ‘er up) and a Half & Half (the same procedure as a Black & Tan, but substitute Harp for Bass). The reason the Guinness stays on top is because it has a lower specific gravity than Bass or Harp… Isn’t science wonderful?

Other points of interest…Guinness draft is a surprisingly light beer, relatively lower in calories than many beers. (Editor’s note: The draft version is also very low in alcohol – like 3.5 %, lower than Coors!) It is poured under fairly heavy pressure, about 30 psi, with that unique nitrogen/CO2 mix (I forget the percentages).

Bottled Guinness Extra Stout is a different product from Guinness Draft (!) weighing in at 6% ABV. The canned draft product has a New! Improved! widget…some sort of ball (containing nitro) with a small hole in it that zooms around after the can is opened.

According to Eric, there is less chance of getting soaked after opening the can with this New! Improved! design, which is good news for those of us who have tried to open the Draft cans on the train…the old cans had a tendency to “fountain” rather more quickly than one can get the damn thing pouring, leaving one with wet pants (or at least, that was my excuse).

Everyone who came got a nice St. Patrick’s Day 2000 Guinness T-Shirt!!! All were impressed by Tir Na Nog, the only “radical” Irish Bar in the area. For more info on that most famous of stouts, try

An AHA-sponsored event, Big Brew 2000 will be held on National Homebrew Day, May 6, 2000, marking its third consecutive year. Homebrewers all over the world will brew the same beer recipe. The AHA registered 2180 brewers at 265 sites in 47 states and 9 countries who produced 6186.05 gallons of homebrew as a part of Big Brew ’99.

(See for more info.)

Club members will gather at Princeton Homebrew to brew together on May 6th. We have decided on a recipe to brew – a California Red. (The official style for Big Brew 2000 is American Pale Ale) .A California Red is basically an IPA with American hops and using a California Common Lager Yeast. We are looking at using Sterling and Horizon hops for the brew. More details to follow in the next couple weeks.


Elections were held at the March PALE ALES meeting for our current offices, and two new offices – Members at Large. Your new officers for 2000 are:

@ President – Steve Rowley
@ Vice President – Andy Koontz/Laurie Harmon
@ Treasurer – Steve Ashton
@ Secretary/Newsletter Editor – Kevin Trayner
@ Program Director/Coordinator – Dave Albert
@ Member at Large – Jay Ottinger
@ Member at Large – Joe Scarlatta

Welcome Dave Albert, Jay Ottinger, and Joe Scarlatta to our crew. It’s great to have you all aboard! We had our first officers meeting this past week, discussing among other things – the Papazian event, the web site, and future trips, and it looks like we have a great group with a lot of good ideas.


Win a trip for two to the Great American Beer festival and Rocky Mountain Brewpub Tour and benefit a worthwhile charity – the Tomorrow’s Children’s fund. Tickets are $10, and the raffle is sponsored by Beers International, who raised $700 for the fund last year.

Keith Seguine of the WHALES homebrew club (Woodbridge) will have raffle tickets available for sale at our club’s April 8th meeting. See for more information.

Also, Keith is Competition Organizer for the Whales homebrew club 2nd Homebrew Competition, on April 16 at J.J. Bittings Brewing Co. in Woodbridge. Information on the competition is on the club webpage at www.whalesclub .org .The first place entry will be brewed at J.J. Bittings, and there will be other prizes as well.


On April 22, from 2-6 pm, Sugar Mom’s of Phila. will host the fifth annual Split Thy Skull event, a prodigious assembly of high-alcohol warmers!! No cover.

Sugar mom’s is located at 225 Church Street in Phila., (215-928-8219 )

The event is put together by Jim Anderson of Beer Philadelphia (www.

This year’s lineup will include:

@big hole brewmaster’s reserve 1997 montana
@victory golden monkey pennsylvania
@stoudt’s abbey double pennsylvania
@van steenburge winter ale, keg conditioned – belgium
@j.w. lee’s harvest ale 1997, cask-conditioned – england
@iron hill old tom – pennsylvania
@dogfish head buxom blonde -delaware
@yard’s old bart, keg conditioned – pennsylvania
@weyerbacher quadruple – pennsylvania


The 4th Annual Western New York Homebrew Competition is May 6th, 2000.

This Year’s competition will be hosted at the Flying Bison Brewing Company. A new brewery built and owned by homebrewers.

The competition is proud of the high quality of homebrews judged each year. We are sending out the call to all homebrewers to send their best brews to Buffalo.

The competition is AHA and BJCP sanctioned. All categories will be judged.

Deadline for entries is April 28th, 2000!

For more information visit: or E-mail:

Keith Curtachio
Niagara Association of Homebrewers

Brewery and Brewpub News in NJ
Up north, Krogh’s brewpub in Sparta celebrates its one-year anniversary. Remarkably, the brewpub is doing a booming business in a market that recently saw one of its largest brewpubs (Jersey Jim’s) close. Owner Bob Fuchs estimated that the brewpub would brew about 175 barrels in its first year, and it has produced nearly double that at 300 barrels. Perhaps one key to the brewpub’s success is that the beer selection is geared towards the local audience, rather than the beer geek. “Our core customers are Budweiser and Coors drinkers, and our goal is to educate them towards more hoppy, malty beers,” said Fuchs. This educational approach appears to have paid off somewhat – early on, the Gold (lightest beer) was the best seller, but it has been displaced in popularity by the more flavorful Red ale (which Fuchs compares to Bass). The six standard taps (Gold Ale, Red Ale, Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale, and an American Wheat) are complimented by a seasonal tap, currently an Alt beer (look for a Maibock in May). It also doesn’t hurt that Krogh’s has been a well-established restaurant known for its beer selection and live music since the early 80’s (the building itself has existed since 1927, predating the man-made lake surrounding it). “The beers are good, and we have improved the recipes as we move on,” said Fuchs. “I’m proud of the fact that we are still around.” High Point (Butler) is gearing up for wheat beer season, according to owner Greg Zacardi. The brewery is brewing a draft-only Octoberfest that will be available throughout April and May in a very limited distribution. The beer will be on tap at the Atlantic Hofbrauhouse (Atlantic Highlands) and growlers will be available at the brewery also. Made with Munich malt, 25% wheat malt, and German hops, the Lager beer has the full-bodied character of an Octoberfest, with the wheat adding crispness, according to Zacardi. In related news, High Point’s beers are now available in five-gallon party kegs (about 2.5 cases of beer) through select distributors – Hunterdon Brewing in NJ, Tanzcos in Bethlehem, Pa., and SKI beverages in Brooklyn, NY.

Gaslight (So. Orange) is hosting not one, but three separate beer dinners in the coming months. On April 25th, the brewpub will host a German beer dinner (with B. United International and Merchant Du Vin). This will be followed by a British beer dinner on May 24th, and a Belgian beer dinner (with Vanberg Dewulf) on June 6th. Reservations are recommended; call the brewpub for more info at (973) 762-7077. Upcoming brews at the brewpub include a Honey Double Mai Bock and a Schwartzbier. Also, look for Anchor Old Foghorn and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot in April. At the other end of the state, business is picking up at Blue Collar (Vineland), according to co-owner Steve Heck. In the next month, the brewery will add another 15-barrel fermenter, increasing its capacity by nearly one-third, he said. The brewery has started bottling its beer in cobalt blue one-liter bottles featuring the brewery’s logo in white “The bottles started off as an experiment, but the response has been really great,” according to Heck. Look for them in Vineland and the surrounding locale. In related news, Blue Collar beer is now in five-gallon kegs as well, available at local distributors. Seasonals from the brewery include a Winterfest, Scotch Ale and Irish Red. Just in time for Spring, Flying Fish (Cherry Hill) is bottling its Belgian- style Farmhouse Summer Ale. The Farmhouse Ale has been overwhelmingly popular as a draft-only seasonal, thus prompting the brewery to go to the extra expense of bottling the beer, according to President Gene Muller. The Summer Farmhouse Ale is made with Pilsner malt and 7% wheat and imported Styrian Golding hops. The 4.6% ABV beer is lightly filtered and bottle-conditioned, and a partial sour mash is used to give the beer a refreshing sour tang. Look for it on May 1. This brewery is submitting beers (Dubbel, Pale Ale and Blackfish) to the Real Ale festival in Chicago, and in other news, the Fish will be featured as the April 2000 featured brewery for the Great American Beer Club. NJ’s newest brewery, Heavyweight (Ocean township) will be releasing a draft-only Baltic Porter at the end of April, according to owner Tom Baker. (Baker got together with fellow ASN-writer Lew Bryson to research this style, and plans to do other collaborative brews as well.)

Heavyweight is making its two flagship bottled products – Lunacy and Baltus available on tap as well. The brewery is also doing some tastings with other brewpubs in the coming months, Basil T’s on May 2nd and possibly Triumph at a future date, according to Baker. NJ-based Beers International (BI) is featuring several events in the coming months. On April 18, 7:30 PM, BI will host a beer dinner at Tim Schafer’s Cuisine in Morristown. Brew Chef Tim Schaefer will pair his outstanding foods with great beers, including Flying Fish. The deadline for reservations is April 15 – $55 for members, $60 for non members. One June 13th, Beers International will be hosting an evening of fun and merriment at the Old Time Sizzlin’ Steakhouse (Hackensack). Cost is $30.00 for members, $35 for non-members and includes 10 open taps, buffet, tips, and taxes. The featured door prize is a raffle ticket to the Great American Beer festival, Oct.5-8 in Denver, CO. Seating is limited. For more information on these events, call 973-853-BEER or check the web site at

In Lambertville, to commemorate the annual Shad festival on April 29 and 30th, River Horse will feature a beer garden and barbecue. In other news, River Horse is making a big marketing push into Rhode Island, according to co-owner Jack Bryan. With a presence in 35 stores in RI, the brewery is looking to double that number, said Bryan. “It’s a great test market for New England,” he added, noting that the Hop Hazard has been selling well there. Locally, River Horse is doing some promos at the Office restaurant chain on April 6th (Cranford), April 13th (Keyport), and April 20th (Ridgewood). Inspired by their medal in the GABF, Long Valley brewpub will be sending five of its beers to the World Beer Cup, according to brewer Tim Yarrington. Upcoming beers at the brewpub will include a hand-pumped Bitter, Stout, and an American Pale Ale. The pub’s beer garden will be opened in May. On May 9th, Trap Rock (Berkely Heights) will host a beer dinner with Climax Brewing. The $45 cost includes a four-course dinner and six beers. Call (908) 665-1755 for more info. J.J. Bittings (Woodbridge) will host its 2nd Annual Gold Medal Competition on April 16th. The first place beer will be brewed at J.J. Bittings, and there will be other prizes as well. This is an AHA-sanctioned homebrew competition sponsored by the Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale and Lager Enthusiasts Society (WHALES). Check for more information. Climax (Roselle Park) will be hosting a beer dinner at the Blue Sky Cafe in Montclair on May 23rd. Call(973) 746-3958 for more info. Look for Climax at several upcoming festivals – Manayunk brewfest on April 15; a beer festival in NYC on May 3rd (Altman Building, 135 West 18th St. – in the Flat Iron district); and Phillyfest at Ortlieb’s brewery on May 6th. Triumph (Princeton) will be serving up some interesting beers in the coming months, including a unfiltered Trippel (about 8% ABV), to be followed by a Jewish Rye Beer (made with 25% rye), not to mention the Maibock in April and May. The brewpub will also take part in the annual Communiversity festival in Princeton on April 15, which typically draws several thousand people. Other beer news in Princeton… Charlie Papazian, of homebrewing renown, will give an educational talk at the Suzanne Paterson Center in Princeton on April 8th, 7 PM. For more information, contact 609-890- 8611 or On May 2, 6 PM, Basil T’s (Red Bank) will host a joint tasting with Heavyweight Brewing (Ocean township). Six beers total will be paired with appetizers, according to brewer Rob Hettmansperger. Call either brewery or check or for more info. Seasonal beers at Basil T’s will include an Oatmeal Pale Ale served on nitrogen, in Red Bank, and a Best Bitter, prepared by fining and dry hopping, at the Toms River location. In other news, B. United International’s seventh shipment of award winning cask ales will be featured in several NJ beer bars including Old Bay (New Brunswick), Verve American Restaurant (Somerville), and Gaslight (So. Orange). Featured cask beers will include JW Lee’s Moonraker, Oakham JHB, RCH Old Slug Porter, Mordue Workie Ticket, Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody Wholesome Stout, and Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild. Call each location for more details.

——————————————————————– HOMEBREWING EVENTS (compiled from the AHA web site at and other sources)

Mar 31 2000 – Apr 1 2000 West Palm Beach,Florida 5th Annual Hurricane Blowoff $6 entry fee; entries due 3/13-3/25/00 Contact: Dan Oliver Phone: (561) 533-5317 (h) – (561) 686-4019 (w) Email: URL:

Apr 7 2000 – Apr 8 2000 Germantown,TN 12th Annual Homebrewer’s Extravaganza Entries due 3/22/00-4/1/00 with $5 entry fee. Contact: Jay Grabowski Phone: (662) 449-0493 – (662) 562-5252 Email: URL:

Apr 8 2000 – Columbia,SC 2nd Annual Palmetto State Brewers Open Submit entries 1/31/00 – 4/1/00. Entry fee: $5 Contact: Joel W. Masters Phone: 803-739-1419 – 803-217-7980 Email: URL:

Apr 8 2000 – Athens,GA 5th Annual Classic City Brew-Fest A Benefit for Local Charities; Sample 150 Beers from A round the World; Collectors Mug & Program Book; Live Music. Admission: $17.75 in advance, $20 at the door Contact: Owen Ogletree Phone: 706-254-BREW – Email: URL:

Apr 1 2000 – Sugar Grove,IL Belgian-Style Lambic AHA Club-Only Competition Entries due 3/25/00. Event hosted by the HeadHunters Homebrew Club. For send-to address see URL below. Contact: Kevin Johnson URL:

Apr 8 2000 – Albany,NY Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews Entries due 4/1/00 with $6 for first, $4 for additional entries. Contact: Jim Raimo Phone: (518) 884-8689 – Email: URL:

Apr 1 2000 – Woodland Hills,CA Maltose Falcons Mayfaire Entries due 3/4/00 – 3/18/00 with $6 entry fee. Contact: John Aitchison Phone: (818) 886-3568 – Email: URL:

Apr 1 2000 – Syracuse,New York Salt City Homebrew Competition $7 first entry; $4 additional entries. Entries due 3/17/00 Contact: Andrew Moon Phone: (315) 656-8917 – Email: URL:

Apr 1 2000 – McMinneville,OR Slurp and Burp Open Entry fee: $6 for 1st, $5 additional; At the Golden Valley Brewery; Judging 24 beer styles plus cider and mead. Contact: Ted Hausotter Phone: 503-538-9501 – 503-625-2566

Apr 1 2000 – Berkeley,CA The Bay Area Mashers World Cup of Beer Entries due 3/18/00 with $5 entry fee. Contact: Lee Shephard Phone: (510) 849-0400 – (510) 268-0611 Email: URL:

Apr 13 2000 – May 15 2000 New Orleans,LA 2000 Crescent City Competition Entries due 3/16/00-3/31/00 with $6 entry fee. Contact: Andy Hollis Phone: (504) 393-1592 – (504) 289-8505 Email: URL:

Apr 14 2000 – Apr 15 2000 Crete,Illinois 9th Annual Brewers of South Suburbia Challenge $6 entry fee; entries due 3/30-4/13/00 Contact: Jerry Sadowski Phone: (708) 758-5538 (h) – (708) 758-6045 (w) Email: URL:

Apr 15 2000 – Anchorage,AK Snowgoose/Sleeping Lady 2000 Breakup Homebrew Competition Entries due 4/14/00. No entry fee. Contact: Dave Yanoshek Phone: (907) 345-6923 (h) – (907) 562-3252 (w) Email:

Apr 15 2000 – Indianapolis,IN The B.I.G. (Brewers of Indiana Guild) Beer Festival The festival will be held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds from 2-6pm. The festival marks the kickoff of the Indiana State Fair Brewers’ Competition held later in the summer. Home-brewers and suppliers will be available to answer questions. Everyone receives a complimentary tasting glass to sample the different brews. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Contact: Sondra Phone: (317) 927-7524 – Email: URL:

Apr 16 2000 – Woodbridge,NJ New Jersey’s 2nd Gold Medal Homebrew Competition Entries due 3/20/00-4/7/00 with $5 entry fee. Contact: Keith Seguine Phone: (732) 636-0622 – Email: URL:

Apr 21 2000 – Apr 30 2000 See site map for send-to locations,- National Homebrew Competition 2000, First Round Entries due 4/5/00 – 4/14/00 with $8/entry for AHA members, $12/entry for non-members. The top three entrants scoring 30 or better in each category will advance to the second round. See webpage listed below for rules & regulations, entry forms, and send-to site addresses. Contact: Gary Glass Phone: (303) 447-0816 x 121 – Email: URL:

Apr 22 2000 – San Bernardino,CA San Bernadino County Fair Homebrew Competition Entries due 2/22/00 – 4/22/00. Prizes/awards sponsored by Bell Mountain, Big Bear Mountain, and Indian Wells Brewing Co.s. Email: Apr 29 2000 – Neconset,NY B.E.E.R. 4th Annual Homebrew Competition $5 entry fee; entries due 4/15-22/00 Contact: James B. Thoms Phone: (631) 269-5833 – Email: URL:

May 6 2000 – Buffalo,NY 4th annual Western New York Homebrew Competition Entries due 4/17/00 – 4/28/00; entry fees: $7 for first, $5 for additional entries. Contact: Keith Curtachio Phone: (716) 877-8767 – Email: URL:

May 6 2000 – Atlanta,GA 7th Annual Peach State Brewoff Entries due 4/17/00 through 4/28/00. $7 each for the first two entries, $5.00 each entry for 3 or more entries. Contact: Marlon Hurst Phone: (770) 761-9448 – Email: URL:

May 6 2000 – Sheboygan,WI 7th Annual Sin City Sudzzers Homebrew Competition Enrty fee: $5 for 1, $4ea. for 2 or more; Submit entries 5/2/00-5/5/00 Contact: Rick Woods Phone: 920-467-9962 – 920-457-4441×7-2834 Email: URL:

May 6 2000 – Burlington,VT Green Mountain Homebrew Competition $5 per entry, $4/5 or more; entries due 4/1-28/00 Contact: Dan Marshall Phone: (802) 862-7667 – Email: URL:

May 6 2000 – Pasco,WA Ice Harbor Brewing 1st Annual Homebrewers Contest Entries due 2/1/00 – 5/1/00 with $5 entry fee. Entries judged in 2 categories: Light Ale & Dark Ale. The event is a fund raiser for the J & S Dream Land Express. Contact: Kelly A. Cox Phone: (509) 545-0927 – (509) 521-5253 Email: URL:

May 7 2000 – St Paul,MN Northern Brewer Homebrew Competition Entries due 4/17/00-4/26/00 with $8 for the first entry, $6 for additional entries. Contact: Chris Schiffer or Chris Farley Phone: (651) 291-8849 – Email: URL:

May 15 2000 – May 20 2000 Rochester,NY UNYHA 22nd Annual Homebrew Competition/11th Empire State Open Entries due 4/12/00 – 5/6/00 with $5 per 3 bottle-entry. Contact: Tina Weymann Phone: (716) 482-3346 (h) – (716) 231-1212 (w) Email: URL:

May 18 2000 – May 20 2000 Lafayette,LA Weiss Is Nice AHA Club-Only Competition This year’s competition put on by the Dead Yeast Society. Entries due 5/7 – 5/13. For the send-to location, check out the URL below. Contact: Bruce Thomas Email: URL:

May 19 2000 – May 21 2000 Orlando,FL 11th Annual Sunshine Challenge Entries due April 24-May 8; Entry fee $6.00; Awards Ceremony May 21 Contact: Ron Bach Phone: 407-696-2738 (h) – 407-897-2880 x104(w) Email: bachian@juno,com URL:

May 19 2000 – May 20 2000 Corvallis,OR 18th Annual Oregon Homebrew Festival Entries due May 15 with $5 entry fee. Contact: Mark Kowalski Phone: (541) 715-8574 – (541) 752-2008 Email: URL:

May 20 2000 – Jun 4 2000 Arlington,TX Celtic Brewoff Entries due 5/6/00 with $6 entry fee. Contact: JB Flowers Phone: (817) 467-0398 – (817) 472-4241 Email: URL:

May 20 2000 – Wasilla,AK Great Bear Beer Hunt Entries due 5/19/00 with $4 entry fee. Contact: Lowell Burgett Phone: (907) 373-0885 – Email: URL:

May 20 2000 – May 21 2000 Tacoma,WA Hops Annual May Fest III Entries due 4/17/00-5/18/00 with $7 for first, $5 for additional entries. Contact: Jeff King Phone: (253) 843-2817 – Email: URL: MORE

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