November 2003 Newsletter

November 2003

Double Header: All About Yeast (White Labs) & Meet the Brewer (Triumph)
DATE: Monday, November 6th
TIME: 7:30 p.m.
PLACE: Triumph, 138 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542
PHONE: (609) 924-7855


It’s a meeting double-header for PALE ALES on THURSDAY, Nov 6, at Triumph. First on-deck, thanks to Joe Bair, is Chris White of White Labs, one of the premier yeast manufacturers in the brewing/homebrewing industry.

(PLEASE NOTE that this meeting is on a THURSDAY folks)

Of the big four ingredients (yeast, malt, water, hops), yeast has the single biggest impact on flavor and fermentation. If you have questions about your yeast, what’s the best yeast for certain styles, what’s new in yeast products, etc., this is the meeting to get them answered! Oh, and needless to say, there should be quite a few give-aways as well. This is a speaker we have been trying to get for quite a while, so take advantage of it.

But, the action doesn’t stop there folks! Following White Labs presentation, we will have a “meet-the-brewer” with Jay Misson, head brewer for Triumph’s two (soon to be three) locations.
If you didn’t know it, Jay is an NJ brewing institution. He started his brewing career at Vernon Valley (the North Jersey ski resort) brewing over a decade ago, with a traditional Germany brewery setup (people still talk about the lagers). Jay has worked setting up Gordon Biersch brewpubs in California, and at Mountain Valley (right across the NY border in Suffern). This is a great chance to meet one of NJ’s first brewers.

Our friends from WHALES (Woodbridge Homebrewers Ale and Lager Enthusiast Society) club members have been invited to this meeting as well. Not one to miss!


Our Nov. club meeting on cooking with beer, was a sumptuous, beery feast for the senses, all foods made from beer, from the appetizers to desserts, and served along with delicious homebrewed and commercial beers.

Starters included beer biscuits, leek soup made with white beer, beer cheese soup, and Welsh rarebit. Next came candied squash, barley pilaf, marinated London Broil, marinated pork rounds with a beer sauce, and more. Dessert included chocolate cake (which many thought was made with rum, instead of Sam Adams triplebock – close enough, eh!) and a chocolate ginger cake with
beer icing.

Beers included a handpump bitter and lager, with some commercial beers, including Troegs Oatmeal Stout, Stoudt’s Scotch Ale, Pumpkin Ale, and more. Recipes were exchanged, as were several handouts on pairing beer and food, cooking with beer, and more.

Kudos to club officer Dave Albert for hosting the meeting (who also supplied the great location at the clubhouse), and for everyone who contributed all of the great food. Simply fabulous. Could we do this every month?


Here is a quick list/recap of the club’s events for the year. Note that some of these are tentative, but this gives you a good idea of what
we are planning for the upcoming year:

* JANUARY – Barleywine styles meeting

* FEBRUARY 24TH – Beers of Harvest Moon

* MARCH 10TH – Sake meeting

*APRIL 21st – Styles meeting – Pale Ales

*MAY – Big Brew – 100 gallons of California Red!

*JUNE – Summer Ales

*SEPT. 15 – Speaker to be announced – Issac
Newton’s in Newtown, PA.

*OCTOBER 6th – Cooking with beer.

NOVEMBER 6th: White Labs and “Meet the
Brewer” at Triumph.

DECEMBER 8th: Club only competition and holiday


JANUARY 12TH: Style meeting on Strong Ales 7:30 at Triumph.

FEBRUARY (2 OR 9): All about Yeast

MARCH (1 OR 8): Style meeting on Octoberfest/Martzen Speakers: Andy and Steve

APRIL 5TH: Hops.

*Indicates past meeting

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