October 1999 Newsletter

October, 1999


DATE: Monday, Oct. 11th
TIME: 9 p.m.
PLACE: Alchemist & Barrister, 28 Witherspoon St., Princeton, NJ
PHONE: (609) 924-5555

Featured at our Oct. 11th meeting will be brewer Mark Burford of Blue Point Brewing, Long Island, New York.

I remember Mark speaking almost two years ago, when he was working at another brewery (Cobblestone brewery?), and I look forward to his latest efforts!

Note: To those of you who attend last month’s meeting at River Horse – which didn’t quite materialize, my apologies (although I liked the Inn of the Hawk).

Jack Bryan, co-owner of River Horse, apologized thoroughly for the confusion over the dates of the meeting, and asked what he could do to make it up to us. I asked if he would host our next BYHB event this month – and he was happy to do so. Read on for more details.


The next round of the Bring Yer Homebrew (BYHB) competition will take place on Sunday, Oct. 24th from 4-6 pm at the River Horse brewery in Lambertville.

Jack Bryan, River Horse brewer will kick off the event with some words (and beer) for 30 to 45 minutes. We should be able try many of the River Horse products, including their new Hop Hazard Ale.

The brewery will be open during the first part of our competition – I thought this might draw some public attention and interest.


From Rt. 95 South (PA), or Rt. 295 North (NJ).

1. Take the exit for Route 29 North. (first exit in NJ)
2. Take RT. 29 NORTH for about 20 minutes. You will come to a traffic light in Lambertville. Make a LEFT turn (Bridge St).
3. Take Bridge St. toward New Hope. Turn right on the LAST street
(Lambert Lane) before the bridge.
4. Take LAMBERT LANE for about a minute, it goes into a business complex. The brewery is at the back of this complex (directly after a sharp right turn)

Call the brewery for further directions at (609) 397-7776, or check


Although the official, final word is not in yet, it looks like PALE ALES will be hosting none other than homebrewing legend Charlie Papazian this coming April!

We have committed to hosting Charlie on Sat., April 8, 2000 – although we have not settled on a location yet (suggestions welcome!). More details as they become available for this exciting event.

I would just like to extend a personal thanks to Ed Bush, board member of AHA (who often drops in on PALE ALES events) for helping set this whole thing up. It is a great opportunity for our club. I hope all of you will mark your calendars now.


I heard a rumor at our last club meeting that Homebrew Unlimited would be closing its doors soon, and it looks like that report was on target. I talked briefly with Hoyt, owner of the Hamilton-based homebrew shop, regarding the closing.

Hoyt said that the closing was prompted by expanding business in his adjoining store in the building – Frames Unlimited. Although, he feels that a homebrew business is viable in this area, he cannot afford to dedicate as many resources to the homebrew part of the store. It’s no secret though, that the homebrew market has undergone some downsizing in the past few years. Several homebrew stores have closed in the Central NJ area in the past few years also.

Ironically, Homebrew Unlimited is closing at the start of peak homebrew season. As a Hamilton resident, I will be sad to see Hoyt close up shop and wish him well in his future endeavors.


One of our club members, Judi Cox, is enjoying somewhat of a Cinderella story – well if Cinderella was a homebrewer, went to the prince’s ball and drank lots of great beer!

Judi will be serving as Paul Gatza’s personal assistant at this year’s Great American Beer Festival, Denver, CO. In case you didn’t know, Paul is the director of the AHA (American Homebrewers Association). He attended our annual homebrew competition last year as some of you may recall.

Best of all, in addition to sampling the thousands of beers at the GABF, Judi will be attending all of the great behind-the-scenes parties thrown by the brewers, AHA, and others.

She will also get firsthand experience in one of the premiere beer judging events in the U.S., which I hope will find its way into our AHA competition as well! Cheers, Judi – and we expect a full report.

On a lesser note, I will be going on a beer pilgrimage myself to Belgium and Holland. (In fact I will be there, as you are reading this). It’s a barge, biking and brewery tour.

Basically, my wife and I will take a barge (where we will sleep) through the canals of old cities in Holland and Belgium and then bike to local destinations, mostly all breweries and brewpubs. In addition, we will be accompanied by a Flemish beer expert for part of our tour.

We will be visiting Amsterdam, Utrecht, Bruges, Antwerp, and many other cities. Some of the breweries/brewpubs we will be visiting are Maximillians (Amsterdam), De Leckere and De Utrechtese Stoombier breweries (Utrecht), and de Pelgrim in
Rotterdam. In Belgium, we will be visiting De Koning and Het Pakhuis (Antwerp), Bosteels and Vieille Villers, and an unnamed brewery in Ghent. Also, we will be visting De Gouden Boom and de Straffe Hendrik, and rounding out with St. Sixtus and De Dolle Brouwers.

A full report upon my return!

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