Mike Ultee Snags Some Homebrew Awards

Long-time member of the Club, Michiel Ultee, passed along the news that he did really well in a couple of homebrew comps.

Top Tier!
Top Tier!

I’ve had a bit of luck in a couple of area competitions recently. “Mike’s Irish Red Ale” won 2nd place in the Philadelphia “Malt Madness” competition in September, and 3rd place in the Morristown “Motown Mash” competition just last weekend. I tried to post this on the PALE ALES yahoo site, but I don’t think it worked. Is there some other way to do this now? In each case I proudly stated my club affiliation as the PALE ALES. 🙂

Fell Under The Spell

As a new brewery, I think its always good indicator that you’ve got it right when the local homebrew club comes out and fills their trunks with your beer. Keep an eye out for Spellbound beers on tap. You won’t be sorry! They seem to be doing a little bit of everything style-wise and doing it well every time. Thanks to Michael Renegar, Jimmy and Bair for the pics!

Annual Styles Meeting 2014 – BOCK! BOCK!

Our annual style meeting is always a great time. We had plenty of great food and some really good beers (and some not so good). Steve Rowley led us through a wide range of beers under the heading of bock, including maibocks, dopplebocks, weizenbocks and eisbocks. You can find some pretty dicey beers brewed in these styles — and some members could resist bringing them! However, the vast majority of the beers we sampled were great examples of their respective style. Thanks, Paul for hosting us once again. If you have an idea for the 2015 style meeting, add it to the comments of this post.

IMG_8130Photo by Gary Kaplan.


“PALE ALES Makes” at 2014 National Homebrew Convention Club Night

For the first time in club history, PALE ALES was represented at the National Homebrew Convention Club Night. Four members loaded up a van with a bunch of kegs and drove to Grand Rapids (and met a 5th member there). Clearly, a good time was had by all. The club owes a huge thanks to everyone that spent their time, energy and money pulling this off — Ryan Hansen, James Manley, Thackman, Dave Rollins and Tim Kowalski.


Joe Scarlata

One of the PALE ALES most senior and respected members recently passed away, Joe Scarlata, on June 9th 2013 while visiting family in Denver. Our own Joe Bair gave a fitting eulogy during the funeral service.  The next time you have a porter, tip your glass for a true gentle and wise man.

Rest in Peace Joe. Joe Scarlata

Big Brew 2013

Another year, another Big Brew down in history… meeting again on the Suydam property in Franklin, the PALE ALES turned out 200+ gallons of homebrew! A big thanks to Paul and Robin for having us there, and everyone who showed up and had some fun! Got pictures I haven’t posted?  Send them in and I’ll add them.



The Princeton and Local Environs Ale and Lager Enthusiast Society (PALE ALES) is a homebrew club based in Mercer County, New Jersey.