“Yeah, you can ferment that.”

Fermented Food and Beverage Supply is a homebrew shop in Hammonton, NJ that also sells supplies for a wide range of alternate forms of fermentation, including yogurt, kefir, cheese, kombucha, sourdough, and vegetables. Eric, the owner of the shop, met us at Unos in Hamilton to share some of his knowledge and fermented products. We tasted his fermented string beans, carrots, fermented chili sauce, sourdough, and kombucha. This morning he forwarded me some recipes to share with the club: Spicy Green Beans, Curried CauliflowerGinger Carrots, Hot Sauce, KombuchaSourdough. Eric also shared his cheat sheet for different types of brine:

If you want a deeper dive, you should keep an eye on the store’s calendar where you can sign up for one of their Saturday classes.  Eric was kind enough to setup a special promo code for the club. Use PALEALES (one word) at checkout to knock 10% off your bill. You can keep tabs on Eric and the store on all the socials @FermentedNJ.